Island of Šolta

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Island of Šolta, Southern Dalmatia, Croatia
Here you will be able to find useful information about the history and culture of the island, geographical location, climate, nature, gastronomy and entertainment on the island. Using the interactive map of the island of Šolta you will get to know all the places on the island like Nečujam, Grohote, Rogač, Maslinica. Here you will discover all the hidden coves and beautiful beaches like Šešula bay, Tatinja, Livka, Senjska, Donja Krušica, Gornja Krušica. You will find suitable accommodation in hotels, villas and apartments on the island and choose an activity from an extensive sports and recreation facilities and a variety of excursions from the island.

Stay with us and plan a dream vacation on the island of Šolta in Croatia!